Yashoda Hospitals Group continues its collaboration with Ministry of Health, Zambia

New Delhi, Monday (September 16, 2019)

Yashoda Hospitals Group continues to contribute towards health services in Zambia. During the State Visit to India by President Edgar Lungu from August 20 – 22, 2019, further collaborative efforts were discussed with the Ministry of Health, Zambia. 

Yashoda Hospitals Group held talks with Hon’ble Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Mr. Judith Kapijimpanga, in New Delhi, India. Meanwhile, Mr. Keshav Gupta, Vice President, Yashoda Hospitals said “Yashoda Hospitals Group will collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Zambia for Nursing and Medical faculty staff, Telemedicine and Tele-radiology Project from UTH, Zambia. The Hospitals Group will facilitate any short and long term healthcare needs in Zambia which include setting up a Cath Lab and Transplant Centres in Zambia.”

Mr. Gupta said, “Yashoda’s work has always been guided by the needs of the patients and delivered by the perfectly combined revolutionary technology, best medical expertise and advanced procedures. In 2018, the group had sponsored 4 healthcare professionals in Zambia for Observership Programme to facilitate skills transfer and capacity development.”

Hon’ble Health Minister of Zambia, Dr. Chilufya has welcomed the partnership as Yashoda Hospitals Group extends support towards a holistic healthcare approach including capacity building and healthcare project development in Zambia. He has also thanked Yashoda for the travel assistance and health care facilitation to the patients.

Dr. Chitalu Chilufya said, “I am happy to note that Yashoda Hospitals Group will once again sponsor healthcare professionals from Zambia. President Edgar Lungu is delighted over the contribution Yashoda Hospitals of India is making in skills transfer to the Zambian medical personnel. In 2018, Yashoda Hospital sponsored four healthcare professionals from Zambia for an Observership Programme as part of capacity development and skills transfer.”

He also noted with gratitude, “Having 3 independent multi-specialty hospitals with 2400 beds, 62 medical specialties and 1000 specialist doctors in Hyderabad, India, Yashoda Hospitals continues to provide quality health care for national and international patients in diverse medical needs over the past two decades.”

This is contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley.

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