Successful Dry Run of Covid-19 Vaccine at Yashoda Hospitals

Telangana: The first round of trials to administer the Covid-19 vaccine was performed in the state on Saturday. The health department authorities made arrangements for a trial run of transporting, storing and administering the vaccine and providing care for the vaccine recipients.

A vaccine dry run was conducted in Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda, being the only private healthcare facility in the state that was selected by the MOHFW to conduct the vaccine dry run. This effort was a part of the nation-wide Covid-19 vaccine dry run, and was organised to administer the vaccine. No real vaccines were used. 

A team of doctors from the District Health and Medical Officer and District Immunisation Officers of Hyderabad conducted the dry run for 25 healthcare workers. Special training was provided to all the healthcare workers with a checklist of the symptoms, so that they are in a position to handle any adverse situations while administering the vaccine. This dry run is helpful in identifying any flaws in the system so that they can be ironed out before the actual rollout of the vaccine. 

Newspaper Credit: Telangana Today