Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian Consultant Interventional Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian

Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian

Department: Pulmonology, Sleep medicine
Designation: Consultant Interventional Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine
Years Of Experience: 8
Location: Malakpet
Med Reg No: 76035, 102409
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Dr. Viswesvaran B. has undergone dedicated training and acquired the skills to perform basic and advanced bronchoscopy, which includes flexible bronchoscopy, transbronchial lung biopsy, endobronchial biopsy, endobronchial ultrasound (linear & radial), pleuroscopy, foreign body extraction, interventions such as airway stent placements, electrocautery, dilation, and glue therapy.

He has undergone extensive training in the management of sleep disorders, such as level 1 polysomnography and other levels of sleep study, positive airway pressure therapy in OSA, COPD, Obesity hypoventilation syndrome, neuromuscular disorders, and other sleep-disordered breathing disorders, with titration using transcutaneous CO2 monitoring from India’s premier institute of sleep under the guidance of the most eminent sleep physician of India, Prof. J.C.Suri. he has also been awarded gold medal in fellowship on sleep medicine conducted by ISDA.

Dr. Viswesvaran B. has hands-on experience in other ICU related procedures such as critical care ultrasound and echocardiography, percutaneous tracheostomy, mini tracheostomy, central venous cannulation, arterial lines, advanced airways, cardiac output studies, right heart catheterization, advanced mechanical ventilatory strategies including APRV, HFOV prone ventilation, and single lung ventilation strategies. He is also skilled in the use of noninvasive ventilator strategies and high flow nasal cannula. Additionally, he underwent vigorous training in the management of critically ill medical and surgical patients with special focus on obstetric critical care.

He underwent special training in the management of allergic disorders and ABPA with hands-on training in allergy testing (skin prick test) from India’s premier institute for allergic disorders, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute.

His skills lie in the management of COPD, asthma, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, infectious disease, ILD (DPLD), ABPA, vasculitis, pulmonary vascular disorders, occupational lung disease, pleural and mediastinal disorders, malignancies of lung and pleura, and patients of pulmonary rehabilitation.

Education Qualifications

Education Qualifications

  • DM (Pulmonary, Sleep medicine specialist, Critical care) Gold Medal: Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, 2019
  • DNB (Pulmonary Medicine): National Board of Examinations, India, 2016
  • MD (Pulmonary Medicine): Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi, 2016
  • MBBS: Government Medical College & Hospital, Coimbatore, The Tamilnadu, Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamilnadu, 2013
  • Senior Resident: Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, 2016 - 2019
  • Junior Resident: Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi, 2013 - 2016
  • Fellowship in Sleep Medicine (Gold Medalist)
  • Fellowship in Interventional Pulmonology (Malaysia)
Services offeredServices offered
  • Advanced diagnostic & therapeutic pulmonary intervention (rigid bronchoscopy, cryobiopsy, airway stenting, foreign body removal, rigid thoracoscopy, airway stenosis)
  • Diagnostic flexible bronchoscopy (EBB, TBLB, TBNA)
  • Linear, Radial EBUS, Bronchial thermoplasty, Bronchial thermal vapor ablation (BTVA)
  • Advanced sleep diagnostics, positive airway pressure devices administration
  • Allergy management
  • Expert ILD consultation
  • Expert lung cancer diagnostics
  • Critical care - advanced respiratory services
  • Rehabilitation
Special Interest and ExpertiseSpecial Interest and Expertise
  • Interventional pulmonology
  • Sleep medicine
  • ILD diagnosis and treatment
  • Allergy management
  • Lung cancer
  • Critical care
Professional MembershipProfessional Membership
  • National College of Chest Physicians, India
  • Indian Society for Study of Lung Cancer
  • European Thoracic Oncology Platform
  • Indian Chest Society
  • European Respiratory Society (Gold member)
  • Indian Sleep Disorder Association
  • Chest Club of India (Life Member)
Research & PublicationsResearch & Publications
  • Balasubramanian V, Singh A, Gupta P, Prasad R. A rare coexistence of pulmonary nocardiosis and aspergillosis in patient of COPD. Egypt. J. Chest Dis. Tuberc. 2016; 65: 405-409
  • Prasad R, Goel N, Gupta P, Balasubramanian V, Singh A. Ischaemic cavitation in conglomerate silicosis. Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci 2015; 57:233-234
  • Obstructive sleep apnea in a patient with pulmonary thromboembolism : A case report. Balasubramanian V, Suri. J.C. [ Indian journal of Sleep medicine]
  • Association of Guillian Barre Synderome with pulmonary tuberculosis: Whether chance or causel? [ Indian journal of Neurology]
  • Autonomic dysfunction manifesting as severe hypertension following cobra envenomation. [ Akatos – Turkish Journal]
  • Spontaneous intracranial haemorrhage associated with dengue fever : An emerging concern for general physicians [ Journal of family medicine and primary care]
  • Pericardial cyst masquerading as lung carcinoma [Egyptian Journal of Bronchology]
  • Clinical Spectrum of 106 Cigarette and Bidi Smokers and Nonsmokers with Lung Cancer at a Tertiary Care Centre in India. Kumar R, Gupta N, Goel N, Poongadan MN, Balasubramanian V. [The Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences]
  • Long term neurocognitive and quality of life outcomes following intensive care admission. Chakrabarti S, Balasubramanian V, Sen MK, Gupta N, Behera D, Ish P. [Astrocyte]
  • Prasad R, Gupta N, Balasubramanian V, Singh A. Multidrug resistant tuberculosis treatment in India. Drug Discov Ther. 2015 Jun; 9(3):156-64.
  • Prasad R, Gupta N, Balasubramanian V, Singh A. Drug and multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis: A comprehensive review on management. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.2015 Sep; 4 (11):1835-65.
  • Singh A, Prasad R, Balasubramanian V, Gupta N, Gupta P. Prevalence of adverse drug reaction with first-line drugs among patients treated for pulmonary tuberculosis. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health. 2015 Dec; 3:S80-90
  • Prasad R, Singh A, Balasubramanian V, Gupta N. Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in India: Current evidence on diagnosis & management. (Review article). Indian J Med Res 2017; 145: 271-293.
  • Prasad R, Singh A, Balasubramanian V, Gupta N. Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in India: Current evidence on diagnosis & management. (Review article) . Indian J Med Res 2017; 145: 271-293
Awards and AchievementsAwards and Achievements
  • Gold Medal (Prof K.L. Nagarajan Award) in Fellowship in Sleep Medicine (FSM-ISDA) exam conducted by ISDA in New Delhi (2019)
  • Best oral paper presentation (2019) in 25th Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Best student of the year (2018-2019) for fellowship in sleep medicine exam
  • Certificate of Honour for securing first prize in State wide Quiz conducted by Dept of Physiology, IRT-Perundurai Medical College on Respiratory Physiology on 5th April 2008
  • Certificate of merit in ‘La Lutte’, inter medical college quiz conducted at JIPMER, Pondicherry in 2010
  • Certificate of appreciation for securing first prize in Zonal level Quiz conducted by Torrent Youth Scholar Award held at Delhi in 2015
  • Certificate of appreciation for securing first prize in Zonal level Quiz conducted by NAPCON at Patiala on 27th September, 2015
  • Certificate of appreciation for securing first prize in National level Quiz and recipient of Torrent Youth Scholar Award conducted by Torrent Research Centre held at Ahmedabad on 11th October, 2015
  • Certificate of appreciation for securing first prize in National level Quiz conducted by NAPCON at Jaipur on 5th November, 2015
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