80-year-old Yadagiri Reddy from Nalgonda Gets a New Life at Yashoda Hospitals

Nalgonda, 4th August, 2022: Yashoda hospitals, Hyderabad already introduced many state-of-the-art medical procedures and saved many lives in the medical history of the Telugu states. Recently, we performed an advanced cardiac procedure on an elderly person, Sri. Yadagiri Reddy, from Nalgonda, under the supervision of Senior Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Sitaram and his team at Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet, Hyderabad.

Mr. Yadagiri Reddy presented to our outpatient department of Cardiology with complaints of dizziness and breathing difficulty while doing daily activities of life. This has progressively increased during the past few months. He was evaluated and was found to have severe aortic valve stenosis. This is a degenerate change because of his age. He was evaluated at other hospitals and was advised to have surgery, which carries a high risk. Their family members were scared and had no courage to undergo the surgery.

He was referred to Yashoda hospital by his relatives. Following a thorough examination, he was advised of the most recent heart valve treatment known as TAVI (“Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation”). This is a totally non-surgical treatment for heart valves. The diseased heart valve was replaced by this technically advanced and challenging procedure. The patient and his family members were counseled and given the proper motivation and support needed for this procedure.

The procedure was performed through a small incision in his groin and the procedure was completed in 45 minutes. He tolerated the procedure well, with no complications. He was discharged on day 2. The aim of this note is to bring awareness of this procedure to the general public. This is ideal for elderly patients with poor general health and comorbidities who would otherwise be at high risk of complications with surgical valve replacement. The TAVI procedure carries fewer complications, faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay.