Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bariatric & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu

Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu

MS, MCh (GI Surgery)

Department: Bariatric Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology
Designation: Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bariatric & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon
Years Of Experience: 21
Day time OPD: MON - SAT 10:00am - 01:00pm
Evening OPD: MON - SAT 5PM - 6:00PM
Location: Secunderabad
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Education Qualifications

Education Qualifications

  • MS, MCh (GI Surgery)
Special Interest and ExpertiseSpecial Interest and Expertise
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • TRAUMA & EMERGENCY SURGERY: Closure/resection/other procedure for perforation for Esophagus, Stomach, Small bowel and Colon
  • Exploratory laparotomy, Appendectomy, Splenic repair, Splenectomy, Repair or resect hepatic fracture, Pancreatic injury, drainage, Pancreatic injury, resection, Fracture, open reduction – rib, Debridement & suture major wounds, Bladder injury, repair or bypass, Emergency thoracostomy and Neck exploration
  • SKIN AND SOFT TISSUE: Sentinel lymph node procedures for skin malignancies
  • ENDOSCOPY: Sigmoidoscopy, Anoscopy
  • ULTRASOUND: F.A.S.T. (Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma)
  • PANCREAS: Frey's procedure, lateral pancreaticojejunostomy, Whipple
  • LIVER: Portal Hypertension
  • SPLEEN: Proximal Splenorenal Shunts,splenectomy+oesophagogastric devascularization, hepaticojejunostomy
  • COLORECTAL: Aparoscopic anterior resection, Oesophageal Surgery,colon by pass
  • Get rid of constipation dr tlvd prasad babu

Surgery is mandatory for any digestive system ?

Pancreatic gland dysfunction, diseases problems

Blogs by Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu

Get rid of constipation


Jun 01, 2020 16:29

మన ఆహార అలవాట్లను బట్టే జీర్ణప్రక్రియ, విసర్జన వ్యవస్థల పనితీరు ఉంటుంది. ఆరోగ్యకరమైన ఆహారం తీసుకోకపోతే మలబద్ధకం రూపంలో అవస్థ తప్పదు.

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Testimonial for Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu

Baby Fajar Fahad Khamis Ali Al Sinaidi

Patient Location: Oman


Bezoars are collections of nondigestible materials that often accumulate in the...

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