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Yashoda Health Check Packages

About Health Check

Health checkup packages at Yashoda Hospitals

Your body requires care and attention to maintain its health. Considering the sedentary nature of urban lives, where we keep becoming busier, you and your family members require regular health checkups to build an active defense against diseases. Yashoda Hospitals helps to secure your health through preventive health check-up packages that offer comprehensive screening to best protect your defense mechanism.

Why go for annual health check-ups?

We understand that the best window to cure a disease is while it is at its early stage. Our NABL accredited labs implement the latest advances in medical technology to catch any inconsistencies in your body within this crucial window. With Yashoda Hospitals, regular health checkups will ensure your best health.

Our health checkup packages in Hyderabad are ideal for a variety of people. They take into consideration diabetic patients, working professionals, people with sedentary lifestyles or erratic eating habits, women who are prone to health disorders, elderly patients, and even aged parents whose children live abroad. Rather than conventional online health checkups, our packages are customized according to your lifestyle requirements. They also account for any specific medical condition you may have a predisposition to. 

A brief look at the packages is given below to help you choose the one most relevant for you and the members of your family. These customized health checkup packages offer comprehensive screening for a variety of conditions:


  • Life checkup: A comprehensive package offering whole-body health checkup that screens for general health conditions.
  • Master checkup: A complete screening package that accounts for your overall health and wellness with all the general tests.
  • Well-woman checkup: A thorough package to screen for general health, gynecological issues, and the most common health conditions in women.
  • Executive health checkup: A thorough health screening package designed for working men and women who lead sedentary and stressful lives.
  • Diabetic health checkup: It is customized to comprehensively screen diabetic patients for any diabetes-related complications.
  • Heart checkup: A complete package to check the health of your cardiovascular system and ensure its good functionality.
  • Bandham checkup: A wellness package designed to ensure the complete health and well-being of parents whose children live abroad.