CT Angiogram package


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Cardiac Angiography plays a vital role in  detecting early signs of cardiac problems improving the quality and longevity of life. At Yashoda Hospitals, we understand the importance of proactive heart care, which is why we have curated heart checkup packages tailored to your needs.

Cardiac CT Angiography Package : Our CT Coronary Angiogram provides a detailed, painless assessment of your heart and arteries, helping detect blockages and potential heart issues.

 Creatinine Test assess kidney function & ensure the dye can be safely eliminated from the body.

A detailed cardiac consultation with our best team post investigation enables a thorough understanding of your test results, any cardiac ailment that needs to be addressed, and the relevant treatment options.

  • CT Coronary Angio
  • Creatinine Test
  • Cardiologist Consultation

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