Well Woman Check-up – Digital Mammography


Package Includes: Digital Mammography

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Well Woman Checkup in Hyderabad

Regular checkups help with early diagnosis any health disorders such as gynecological problems, cancers frequently occurring in women, or cardiac diseases. Women should get screened annually or as recommended by the doctor.

Lab Investigations

  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Complete Urine Examination
  • Complete Blood Picture
  • Serum TSH
  • Pap Smear
Radiology Investigation
  • Radiography Chest
  • Digital Mammography
  • USG Breast
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen & Pelvis(TAS/TVS)
Gynaec Examination
  • Breast Examination
Examination & Consultation

Overall review of health check up findings and counseling by

  • Consultant Gynaecologist