Legalities for a Transplant

Transplant from a Cadaver (Brain Dead)

Organs that can be transplanted


Consult cadaver's Family

The Transplant Coordinator will consult the family members of the deceased donor.

Health Insurance/Cash

The patient will have to hold a Health Insurance that allows Transplant coverage.

If the patient prefers to pay directly to the hospital, the management will need to verify the financial documents.

Doctor's Certification

The patient looking for transplant, will require Doctor certification before proceeding for the surgery.

Urgent Transplant

If the requirement and the availability of the organ matches, the transplant operation will done immediately.


In case the patient is unable to find an immediate availability of the organ, the patient’s name is registered through the hospital. When the organ is available, it is offered to the patient only in the hospital from where it is registered with Jeevandan.

Transplant from a Living Donor

Organs that can be transplanted


Family's consultation

Only immediate family members of the patient are allowed to donate their organs.

Submission of Document

Residential certificate, family tree certificate and police verification.

The Transplant Coordinator will submit the above documents along with an affidavit to the Director of Medical Education.


On the approval of the Director of Medical Education, the transplantation will be carried out.

International Patient

Organs that can be transplanted



An International Patient is entitled to a Kidney and Liver Transplant only. The 'Living Donor' rules will apply for this. For more information on the aspects relating to organ transplantation for patient's from different nationalities, click here

NOC from Embassy

The donor and the patient has to carry an NOC certificate from their respective country's embassy


After acquiring the required certificates and the doctor's approval, the transplantation will be initiated.

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