Patient Testimonial for Hip Replacement Surgery

Testimonial by Mrs. Shayma Hamid

Treatment for: Hip Replacement Surgery
Treated by: Dr. Praveen Mereddy
Patient location: Iraq

Yashoda Hospital successfully performed hip replacement surgery for Ms. Shayma Hamid, a patient from Iraq. She suffered from hip pain for over 20 years after suffering from childhood trauma. At Yashoda hospital, we diagnosed her with osteoarthritis. Her left hip showed a deformed, flattened femoral head and a narrowed joint space due to sclerosis. She also had limb length discrepancy and a stiff hip. Due to the various complications, Ms. Hadid faced severe hip pain that would not respond to any medication. She sought orthopaedic treatment with us, and Dr. Praveen Mereddy successfully performed her hip replacement surgery. She was free from pain 5 days post-operation and did not need any medication. Due to the quick recovery time offered, she was able to move a day after the surgery.

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