Patient Testimonial for Lung Infection Treatment

Testimonial by Mrs. S. Krishna Kumari

Treatment for: Lung Infection Treatment
Treated by: Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian
Patient location: Ranga Reddy (Dt.)

Mrs. S. Krishna Kumari consulted us with severe cough and un-diagnosed fever for past one month. The patient underwent advanced procedure called navigational bronchoscopy. Lesions in the CT scan was not approachable by a routine bronchoscopy so we used navigational bronchoscopy to diagnose the site of the lesion and also a radial probe guided biopsy and we also use procedure for the first time in India by name flex needles that we went across the targeted tissue and then we took the cytopathic samples of tissue. The patient turned out to be a case of infectious etiology, she was adequately treated following the procedure now the patient was completely normal. – Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian.

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