Patient Testimonial for Laparoscopy & Embolization Procedures

Testimonial by Mr. Vinayak Kulkarni

Treatment for: Laparoscopy & Embolization Procedures for The Treatment of Rectal Bleeding
Treated by: Dr. Tokala Surender Reddy
Patient location: Hyderabad

Rectal bleeding refers to bleeding in the rectum, the lower portion of the large intestine that causes the passage of blood from the anus. It can be caused by a variety of disorders, such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures, colon cancer, polyps, etc. It is frequently treated with minimally invasive surgical treatments such as laparoscopy and embolization.

Laparoscopy is a diagnostic and surgical procedure that uses fiber-optic technology to observe and correct the target area. It is less painful, has fewer internal and external scars, and requires a shorter hospital stay.

Embolization helps to prevent abnormal bleeding by stopping blood flow to target areas while causing minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

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