Patient Testimonial for Bacterial Pneumonia Treatment

Testimonial by Mr. Venkata Ramana

Treatment for: Bacterial Pneumonia Treatment
Treated by: Dr. Hari Kishan Gonuguntla
Patient location: Andhra Pradesh

“My husband was suffering from persistent cough and fatigue. For emergency medical assistance, we went to a hospital in Rajahmundry where they reported damage of both his lungs and the doctors there were unsure of the treatment plan. We almost lost hope when fortunately we were referred by known doctors to Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad for further treatment. I appreciate the efficiency and competence of the doctors and staff for the professional services we have received. My husband’s struggle and suffering ended and eventually we emerged victorious.” – Mrs. Nalini

Watch Mrs. Nalini sharing her experience for her husband Mr. Venkata Ramana’s treatment at Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad.

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