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Patient Testimonial for Spine Surgery

Testimonial by Mr. Mohd Ali

Treated For: Disc Extrusion
Treated by: Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy
Location: Hyderabad

My Disc Extrusion was treated successfully by performing Spine Surgery by best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy. Treatment of bulging disc or spine surgery or microdiscectomy surgery for extruded disc is done sucessfully by one of the best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy. Patient Mohd Ali from underwent spine surgery by Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy at Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad. Patient pay thanks to Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad India and Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy.

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