Patient Testimonial for Laparoscopic Removal for Gastric Trichobezoar

Testimonial by Baby Fajar Fahad Khamis Ali Al Sinaidi

Treatment for: Laparoscopic Removal for Gastric Trichobezoar
Treated by: Dr. TLVD. Prasad Babu
Patient location: Oman

Bezoars are collections of nondigestible materials that often accumulate in the stomach. Trichobezoars (collections of hair), a type of Bezoar, are rare and are most commonly encountered in young female psychiatric patients. It is caused by the abnormal intake of hair (trichophagia), which remains undigested in the stomach, resulting in the accumulation of mucus, and food particles.

Diagnosis is performed by means of ultrasound, CT scanning, and/or upper endoscopy. Endoscopic removal, laparoscopic removal, or laparotomy are all solutions for the surgical management of trichobezoars, while non-surgical treatment such as enzyme therapy (papain, cellulase, or acetylcysteine) is not recommended due to their high failure rate.

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