Patients with endometrial cancer, endometrial pre-cancers, cervical cancer and early ovarian cancers are the right candidates for robotic surgery. Yashoda Institute of Robotic Sciences offers minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries for the treatment of cancer and other conditions involving the female genital tract. These conditions include:

  • Endometrial and cervical malignancies
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Complex gynecologic problems

Robotic surgical systems have been used in various gynaecological surgeries for benign disease, such as

Hysterectomy :- Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) in conditions like fibroids, AUB or menstrual disorders, and cancer cervix and endometrial cancer, wherein uterus and other adnexal structures.

Myomectomy and Adenomyomectomy :- Myomectomy and Adenomyomectomy, where in fibroids or myomas and adenomyomas are removed and a perfect restructuring of the uterus is achieved.

Tubal Reanastomosis :- It is reuniting of a divided tube to conceive, after tubectomy or family planning surgery. This reanastomosis requires approximation of the fine ostium or opening of the tube.

Endometriosis :- There are dense adhesions, which can be released with minimal tissue manipulation.

Sacrocolpopoexy :- Sacrocolpopoexy is a procedure where the prolapsed vault is anchored to the sacrum with mesh.
Where ever a meticulous dissection, adhesiolysis and reapproximation of tissues is required, robotic surgical system makes it a perfect tool. The 3-D vision, precision, suturing ease due to the 7 degree flexibility of the fine tipped instruments and filtration of tremors, makes this system preferable for gynaecological procedures.