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Kidney Transplant

The patient may receive kidney from a live donor (a relative or a close friend), paired kidney donor (registered recipients and donors) and deceased donor (recently died). Before transplant, the donor’s kidney is tested for the tissue type and blood type, as this would help in reducing the chances of rejection of the new kidney. During kidney transplant surgery, the surgeon places the healthy donor kidney into the patient’s body. The damaged or diseased kidneys are seldom removed from the body. The blood vessels and the ureter (tube that carries urine to the bladder) are connected to the new kidney.

Evaluation before Kidney Transplant : Each patient for kidney transplant is referred to a comprehensive evaluation process including various physical examinations, diagnostic tests and educational meetings, done on an outpatient basis. Importantly, a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease confirms each patient’s eligibility for the transplant procedure.

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