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Research is one of the cornerstones of the Yashoda Hospitals in its mission to provide quality healthcare accessible to all sections of the society. Whether in the laboratory or in the hands-on environment of our clinics, Yashoda Hospitals is committed to the continuous pursuit of knowledge that improves the delivery of medical care.

The Yashoda Research Foundation supports research grants under YAMER (Yashoda Academy of Medical Education and Research) by providing the platform technologies and research programmes, administrative support, staff, and facilities that are needed to rapidly translate discoveries made in the laboratory and the hospital into new diagnostics, and treatments.

At Yashoda Hospitals our doctors and scientists collaborate across disciplines and specialties under the guidance of Ethics Committee, and it is this co-existence of experience and expertise that fosters translational research – turning basic science into new procedures and new therapies giving patients innovative and excellent care.

Our commitment is simple – To develop and transform the most innovative science and technology into useful realities for our patients.