What is the cost of Fontan Procedure?

At Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, our expert team of CT Surgeons, physicians, and technicians ensure the most accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment procedures for all our patients. We offer world-class facilities, latest treatments and advanced technologies which has made us one of the best hospitals in India. We are one of the best Fontan Procedure hospital in Hyderabad. To know more about the cost of Fontan Procedure. Click on enquire now.

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Best Hospital for Fontan Procedure in Hyderabad?

The department of at Yashoda Hospitals in Hyderabad is recognized as one of the best hospitals for Fontan Procedure offering high success rates at more affordable cost.

The Department is equipped with the latest in medical technology and highly experienced doctors who are experts in performing Fontan Procedure mostly using Minimally invasive techniques for better clinical outcomes.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Fontan Procedure

The final cost of Fontan Procedure varies depending on the following aspects.

  • Patient’s health status, other existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.
  • Room type opted during admission.
  • Duration of recovery or stay.

To get a more realistic idea of the cost of Fontan Procedure Surgery for you or your loved ones, fill in the form and our expert will guide you further to understand the patient’s condition and help with a expert medical opinion and cost estimate for free.


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