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Advanced training in bronchial thermoplasty at Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad

Yashoda Hospitals organized a training programme “Bronchial Thermoplasty MasterClass,” on Monday, 08 July 2018, at the department of Interventional Pulmonology, Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad. Bronchial thermoplasty is the latest interventional pulmonology procedure effective in the treatment of severe asthma.  

Dr. Pavan Gorukanti, Director, Yashoda Group of Hospitals inaugurated the programme and said, “The event is a didactic and hands-on course designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the advanced therapeutic bronchoscopic procedure, bronchial thermoplasty”

This course was conducted with an aim to teach new advanced bronchoscopy skill – Bronchial Thermoplasty in a real-time environment led by expert faculties. The programme included guest lectures, panel discussions, live workshop, and case demonstrations from the team of interventional pulmonologists led by Dr. Hari Kishan, Dr. V. Nagarjuna MaturuDr. M. Gangadhar Reddy and Dr. Y. Gopi Krishna.

The highlights of the course were hands-on sessions designed with procedural skills via anatomical models, high fidelity electronic simulators, vet models and real-time cases performed by the faculty in the operating room along with the participants.

Close to 200 asthma specialists across India participated in the programme. Several international and national faculties who attended the programme include, Dr. Adrian Chan, Singapore General Hospital, Dr Jamalul Azizi Abdul Rahman, Serdang Hospital, Malaysia, and Dr Elena (Romania), Dr Deepak Talwar, Metro Hospitals, Delhi and Dr Karan Madan, AIIMS, Delhi.

International Faculty:

Dr. Jamalul Azizi Abdul Rahman

Head of respiratory Medicine Services Hospital Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Dr. Adrian Chan

MBBS, MRCP(Edin), MSc (Allergy) Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

National Faculty:

Dr. Deepak Talwar, MD, DM Metro Hospitals, New Delhi
Dr. Karan Madan, MD, DM AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Vishwanath Gella, MD, DM Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad Prof.
Dr. R. Vijay Kumar Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad Prof.
Dr. Param Jyothi NIMS, Hyderabad
Dr. Tinku Joseph, MD, DM AIMS, Kochi, Kerala
Dr. Nagarjuna, MD, DM Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

What is Bronchial Thermoplasty?

Bronchial Thermoplasty (BT) is a bronchoscopic procedure which offers hope in difficult-to-treat asthma. It is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that aims to open up the narrowed airways and facilitate airflow (breathing). This is achieved by selectively reducing the thickness of the smooth muscle mass by applying radio-frequency pulses. 

Bronchial thermoplasty has emerged as a relief for asthmatics so they can deal with their daily life and social life with ease. The procedure holds promise with a high 5-year success rate with respect to reduction in symptoms, emergency events, and asthma-related quality of life.

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