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Medical Tourism also called the Health Tourism is now a developing concept in healthcare sector in India whereby people from world over visit India for their medical treatments and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee replacements, kidney transplantation, cosmetic surgery, dental care, etc. The reason for India becoming a favourable destination for Medical Tourism is owing to its infrastructure and technology which is on par with those in USA, UK and Europe.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in India
The cost of treatments/procedures in India is considered to be the lowest in Asia, much lower than Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore. But benefits are not limited to cost savings alone; India can also boast of the highly qualified doctors, five star medical facilities and most significantly, there are no language problems. Apart from these, India is also a highly sought after tourist destination that encourages patients to step out of their geographies

Medical Tourism benefits for international patients include:

  • Cost-efficiency (affordability)
  • Easy accessibility (immediate treatment)
  • Personalized & Better quality healthcare services
  • Tourism benefits