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1. Is coronavirus a non-living DNA protein molecule or a living RNA òrganism?

Viruses can be classified based on genome present into DNA and RNA virus groups, which are further subclassified. Corona Viruses are a RNA containing structure bound by a lipid membrane and bearing surface bulbous spikes. (Resembling a crown, hence named ‘Corona” which means crown in Latin. Viruses have been considered for a long tie to be in the “grey zone” between living and non-living organisms. To be clearer, Viruses need a host to replicate and multiply making them living organisms. In the absence of a host they are just inert (Non replicating / non-living) RNA molecule and protein

2. Is there any hope that ivermectin can play a role to cure COVID 19?

 Ivermectin is an approved  anti parasitic agent , but is has known to exhibit a broad spectrum anti viral action . Initial studies have uncovered a promising prospect of bringing about an effective ~5000 fold reduction in Viral RNA at 48 hours post addition of Ivermectin. This being classified as an essential drug by the WHO is widely available.

3. If I am exercising and I feel shortness of breath can it be that I have coronavirus.

Hyperventilation is the reason one feels that way , a feeling of not getting the required amount of air , a feeling of breathlessness , the reason is that one is already breathing at the maximum rate and volume and that there is no further scope an increase , it is rather ironic that breathing too much can make one feel breathless. So, NO-  breathlessness post a physical exertion is not an absolute sign of the Covid 19

4. Which vitamin helps to fight with coronavirus?

Vit C , Vit D , Zinc, DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for optimal immune response of a person . The problem is that we are not consuming the right kind of nutrition in the right quantities.  Vit C is essential for the growth and function of immune cells and antibody production. Vit D receptors are present on immune cells also signifying the role in immune response. What is recommended though is larger doses of these supplements to tide over infections or boost ones

5. Can HCQ be used against COvid-19?

Although initial reports from china showed evidence that Hydroxy Choloroquine may benefit people with COVID-19. without a large randomized clinical trial, we cannot conclude that the drug can improve clinical outcomes. Emerging reports from USA, Italy, and France points that there is no significant clinical improvement for severe patients affected with COVID-19.

6. Can Amlodipine and Remdesivir help in treating Corona?

Remdesivir is an Antiviral drug which was used with some success in treating previous respiratory viral disease such as MERS-COV and SARS. So, it is currently being investigated against Covid-19 for its effects on the same. Even though the initial reports are satisfactory, further studies are needed to confirm the effects.

As far as Amlodipine, which is a calcium channel blocker used for treating hypertension has no proven effect specifically on Corona virus, but a pre published small care series from China has concluded that the drug might improve disease outcome in Corona patient hypertension


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