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Recently our three hospitals have included Apolipoprotein ‘B’ in lipid profile which will benefit all our clientele like those who undergo health check-ups as well as patients.

Apolipoprotein ‘B’ is the outer protein cover of LDL, VLDL , Chylomicrons which are considered as bad cholesterol. Elevated levels of Apolipoproteins ‘B’ are frequently found in patients with hardening and narrowing of lumen of blood vessels (arteries & veins) by a pathological process called atherosclerosis. If this pathological condition affects blood vessels of heart, brain etc, it results in strokes.

Several studies have shown that the test Apolipoprotein ‘B’ along with LDL & VLDL has a greater predictive value in assessing the risks of Heart, Brain and lung strokes. Studies also have shown that in-spite of normalization of LDL, if Apo B is high then the risk of Atherosclerosis is still high in otherwise apparently healthy individuals thus enabling physician to pre-empt catastrophes of heart attack, cerebral stroke etc.

Severely decreased levels of Apolipoprotein ‘B’ are associated with Fat Malabsorption, Neuromuscular Degeneration etc.