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Cadaveric Organ Transplantations

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Accidents can be fatal

Trauma Specialists available in the hospital 24/7

Chest Pain could be Heart attack

Rush to our cardiologists avaliable 24/7 in the hospital

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institute of Robotic Sciences

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India’s Premier Lung care Center

Specialists in minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

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Precision Cancer Care

Most experienced Robotic and HIPEC surgeons in Telangana & AP

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The best team of Heart Specialists


The best team of Heart Specialists and Surgeons available 24X7

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants

CT Surgery

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants.

The Neuro Institute is a regional leader


The Neuro Institute is a regional leader in treating neurological disorders

World Leaders in Oncology Care


World Leaders in Oncology Care.

dedicated team with experience of Liver Transplants


A dedicated team with experience of over 2700 Liver Transplants.

Multiorgan transplant Trusted Center with a high success rate

Multiorgan transplant

The Trusted Center with a high success rate

Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

Bones & Joints

World renowned Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

the best Nephrologists and Urologists


Offers advanced  expertise of the best Nephrologists and Urologists

Pioneering team of robotic surgeries

Robotic Sciences

Pioneering team with the highest number of robotic surgeries

Latest Health Blogs

5 Types Of Heart Diseases, Causes, Symptoms and Risk factors

Oct 10, 2017 07:52
Types of Heart Diseases: Heart is not just a biological organ that pumps blood to various parts of the body but it is also associated with numerous feelings and emotions. Be it excitement, anxiety, happiness, grief or sadness, Heart reacts, responds and reciprocate every such emotion. This is exactly why Heart is considered as mirror that reflects whole body activities and tasks.

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Gastritis you shouldn’t neglect

Oct 10, 2017 15:36
Symptoms of Gastritis : Considering primeval roots and the phenomenal functions, Stomach is certainly the pivotal organ of human body. Besides a breath of fresh air, healthy stomach is imperative to achieve a healthy way of life. Amidst myriads of complications, Gastritis is one of the perilous problems that can create significant impact on one’s daily life. In […]

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Looking At The World Through Clearer Eyes

Sep 09, 2017 03:29
A cataract causes the lens to become cloudy and treatment is usually surgery to remove and replace the lens.  A Cataract is a clouding of an eye lens that can cause blurred vision, dimmed or yellow vision, making it hard to see. A healthy lens will refract light coming into the eyes to make seeing […]

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National Nutrition Week – Eat Right, Feel Bright!

Sep 09, 2017 02:25
The National Nutrition Week is celebrated annually to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices and eat right. National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year in the first week of September, with the objective of creating awareness on the importance of nutrition for health. This was an initiative started by the Government of India in […]

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The Feldenkrais Method – To Regain Body Movement

Aug 08, 2017 19:25
The Feldenkrais Method is an exercise therapy devised to improve body movement and manage pain.  The Feldenkrais Method is an educational system that uses movement to teach self awareness and improve function. It was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) as a way to retrain the body and to help realise its potential fully. While […]

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The McKenzie Method – For People with Chronic Pain

Aug 08, 2017 19:53
A physiotherapy method, the McKenzie System focuses on centralizing pain and managing it with repeated exercises. What is The McKenzie Method? The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, also known as MDT is a physiotherapy method of primary care developed by Robin McKenzie, a physical therapist from New Zealand and has been in wide […]

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World Hepatitis Day – Eliminating Hepatitis through Awareness

Jul 07, 2017 20:10
World Hepatitis Day 2017 marks the start of the campaign to Eliminate Hepatitis by 2030. What is Hepatitis?  Hepatitis is a condition referring to the inflammation of the liver, caused by either a viral infection, an autoimmune condition or as a side effect of medication. There are five types of Hepatitis, A, B, C, D […]

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What is a sacroiliac joint injection?

Jul 07, 2017 22:22
A Sacroiliac Joint Injection is designed to treat pain and inflammation in the Sacroiliac Joint. What is sacroiliac joint pain?  The Sacroiliac Joint is the connects the spine to the hip bones. There are two sacroiliac joints in the body, one on each side of the sacrum connected by strong ligaments. In humans, they help transfer […]

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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Jul 07, 2017 22:46
ARDS is a critical condition when there is fluid build up in the lungs  Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome is a condition where fluid collects in the lungs preventing oxygen from reaching the rest of the organs. It is a life threatening lung condition and progresses rather quickly, but is generally treatable and can be recovered […]

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Scarlet Fever

Jul 07, 2017 17:57
Scarlet fever is caused by the same bacteria as Strep Throat and is characterized by a bright red rash Scarlet Fever is a childhood illness caused by a bacterial infection. Although it is rather rare in recent times, it is serious and can often be caused by the same bacteria as strep throat. With better […]

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Patient Testimonials

I came from Nigeria to Yashoda Hospitals in India on the recommendation of doctors for a spinal cord surgery. I had trouble walking because of the pain, but now I feel that everything will be okay. Thank you to all the doctors and the nurses for the professional medical treatment that was given and for making our stay comfortable.

jaji nimota amope
Ms. Jaji Nimota Amope

I am Abiodun Isa Yuguda, wife of the Isa Yuguda, the governor of the Bauchi State in Nigeria. I have been to many hospitals in Africa and India and I find that Yashoda Hospitals is a truly well established hospitals offering only the best possible medical treatment to it’s patients. The doctors, the nurses, the technology used and cost effective treatment make this one of the best hospitals I’ve visited in India.

Isa Yuguda
Ms. Abiodun Isa Yuguda

I came to Yashoda Hospitals from Tanzania because it was recommended by the doctors from there. The treatment that I received during the kidney surgeries and the care I received after made me very happy. I would like to thank my doctor and his team for the professional and expert attention I received in the duration and I am pleased to encourage others to consider the same.

joanis Antonio
Mr. Joanis Antonio

We brought my father to Yashoda Hospitals for a Knee Replacement Surgery. Thanks to all the doctors and the staff here that took care of him so well. We are indebted to the doctor who performed the surgery for his expertise. My father is now able to walk properly. Thank you Yashoda Hospitals.

Mr. Kanth
3T Intraoperative MRI Revolutionary Technology in Brain Surgery

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Robotic Sciences

Treated World’s largest number (10000) cancer patients with RapidArc Technology

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Multi Organ Transplant Center

Treated cancer patients with RapidArc Technology. World’s largest number (10000)

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First-Ever Combined Heart-Lung Transplant Successfully performed in the Telugu States Yashoda Hospitals create history

Aruna gets a new life at 24 Year old , through a heart transplantation

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Yashoda Hospitals Establishes yet another Milestone in Transplantation Surgery

Aruna gets a new life at 24 Year old , through a heart transplantation

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Yashoda hospitals treats 10,000th cancer patient with RapidArc Radiation Techonology

Aruna gets a new life at 24 Year old , through a heart transplantation

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First ever half-matched bone-marrow transplantation Successfully done at Yashoda Hospitals

24 Year old Aruna gets a new life through a heart transplantation

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